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Thread: LEAST favourite character from each FF game that you've played

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    Default LEAST favourite character from each FF game that you've played

    FF1- Thief, stupid little trout can even STEAL. GET A NEW JOB. BOO YOU WHORE !

    FF2- Leon. megalomaniac little trout. Also his name reminds me of how some people who started with the KH series call Squall " Leon", ugh.

    FF3- Onion Knight. so irritating in Dissidia. Terra can protect herself thanks ? Go away. Is his name Onion Knight because he makes people cry in pain ?

    FF4- Edge. He says something in the DS version like, " That's right, this is a men's mission only !" only or something, so he can go and eat the bad FFVII Korean BBQ plate that Cloud says that it tastes like dog food, thanks.

    FF5- Exdeath ? wtf is in your castle ?

    FF6- Setzer. I used to love Setzer, he was so edgy, but today, it looked like he wanted to rape Celes, so, he can stay on the airship kthanks.

    FF7- Sephiroth. Seph got stabbed by a 16 year boy, so he got butthurt ? ...............K.

    FF8- Quistis. You'll know why I hate her, so will just quickly move on.

    FF9- Amarant. That place could've been for Beatrix or Lani, characters that actually some decent character.

    FF10- Seymour. No brainer.

    FF12- Balthier. I don't understand why people like him ? he's so annoying. But opinions.

    FF13- Snow. Snow is Balthier but after a couple of beers at the pub and has been found sleeping in the street. Don't @ me.


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    FF - Thief
    FF2 - ?
    FF3 - ?
    FF4 - Namingway
    FF5 - Butz
    FF6 - Umaro
    FF7 - Rufus
    FF8 - Irvine
    FF9 - Brahne
    FF10 - Rikku
    FF12 - All of them? Fine, Vaan.
    FF13 - ?
    FF15 - ? Prompto, maybe.
    FFT - Algus. The worst character of all time. Hate him so much.

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    FFXIV Character

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    FFI - those damn Lufenians with their four-word language
    FFII - I actually donít dislike a single person here?
    FFIII - the four old men
    FFIV - Rubicante. Itís the voice
    FFV - again, donít think I dislike anyone?
    FFVI - see above
    FFVII - Yuffie x10
    FFVIII - the Moombas
    FFIX - Eiko
    FFX - Tidus
    FFXII - Al-Cid, I guess? But more because he felt kinda pointless
    FFT - Marach. I like the idea of him, but his and Raphaís arc seemed pretty out of place for some reason
    FFTA - Llednar. Too many battles were lost.
    FFTA2 - whatever the smurf that Khamja last was called. My God, was she bland

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    1 - I found White Mage pretty dull and uninteresting.
    2 - No real strong or negative opinions towards any of the characters to be honest.
    3 - Never cared for Arc much, but again it's more of a one I like less rather than outright dislike.
    4 - Palom and Porom can go really far away and not come back, despite being useful in battle.
    5 - Krilie, maybe. Another reasonably close one.
    6 - Kefka, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful
    7 - Sephiroth was cool when I was 13 but over time is pretty damn bad as a whole.
    8 - Irvine. Just the pits. A character vacuum of super massive black hole proportions.
    9 - Eiko. Whiny, annoying and small.
    10 - Khimari was another character void.
    10-2 - Paine is everything Auron wasn't with a voice that sounded bored constantly.
    12 - Everyone except Fran, pretty much.
    13 - THE JAZZ and Oerba get pass marks. The rest, nope.

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    FFI: Thief - smurf Thief.

    FFII: Lelila - Never particulary cared for her. I don't think it helps that she's often playable during several points in the game that I didn't like.

    FFIII: Alus - Could have been more interesting but he's kind of unremarkable and associated with one of the game's nastiest boss fights.

    FFIV: Surprisingly, no one.

    FFV: Krile - I don't hate her, but she is a bit of a Mary Sue if you ask me.

    FFVI: I like everyone actually.

    FFVII: Yuffie - smurf Yuffie.

    FFVIII: Ultimecia - I honestly feel VIII's scenario would have worked out better if they dropped her ent8irely and made Adel the real villain.

    FFIX: I liked most of the cast.

    FFX: Yuna -
    Quote Originally Posted by Rez09 View Post
    I hate Yuna. Beyond hate. I like her less than a party of four thieves in the Marsh Cave. With no potions. In front of the Crown chest. I'd say with three of them dead as well, but, frankly, it's a party of four thieves without potions at the bottom of the damn Marsh Cave, so its basically the same either way.
    FFXII: Reddas' subordinates in Bafloheim. They just feel really out of place in the game.

    FFXIII: Vanille - While I have an aversion for most of the cast, Vanille probably fills me with the most ire cause she tries too hard to be "cute" and "kooky" and she's just a mess to watch anytime she appears on the screen and opens her mouth.

    FFXV: Lunafreya - There are some bland characters in this game, but Lunafreya is the one that probably gets thrown in the players face the most, but she's just not really interesting as a person. While I don't care about the whole Versus XIII debacle, even I'll admit that Stella was more charming and interesting in her brief moments she showed up in the teaser trailers than Lunafreya was for the entirety of the FFXV multimedia extravaganza.

    FFTactics: Marach - I'll second Fynn with Marach. Not a terrible character, but I'll admit the story sequences involving him are not my fave. Not helped that he's a mixed bag as a playable character.

    Tactics Advance: Mewt - Yeah, surprisingly enough, despite the game's best attempts to make you feel sorry for the scrub, I still find him to be a bit whiny and selfish. Never had an issue trying to drag his ass back to the real world to deal with his alcoholic dad and dead mother cause in an ideal world, he's jerk.

    Tactics A2: Adelle - Well first off, her intial personality and role is pretty similar to Yuffie from VII who is already firmly in the "smurf you" list of characters. When she finally does get some angsty characterization, it basically turns out to be her struggling with the fact she's too awesome. Have we talked about how A2 has a lot of questionable writing?

    Mystic Quest: I like everyone surprisingly enough.

    The After Years: Ceodore - Not a terrible character, he's just a bit bland, even when compared to his fairy tale parents. I'd still take him over most of the chumps on this list.

    X-2: Yuna: Damn straight I'm putting her on this list twice, now she's a perky doormat with bad puns. I can't use her? Then probably Rikku who goes from "slightly likable" in the original to "very obnoxious" in this entry.

    Crisis Core: Genesis - May be the worst character Square has ever created. The fact I'm willing to rank Yuffie and Yuna above him is a testament of how much I hate his existence.
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    FFIV: I don't know ? Maybe Tellah ? But it's because we don't see him for a long period.
    FFIV The After Years: Leonora. I hate how she becomes fond of Palom even if he's still an ass with her.
    FFV: Krile but I really like her too LOL
    FFVI: Umaro, because his backstory is not really explained.
    FFVII: I absolutely can't stand Caith Sith, I find him so annoying everytime andf I'm glad we don't have to bring him often.
    FFVII Crisis Core: Genesis. He's not bad but he could have been better.
    FFVIII: Seifer. Another character I can't stand. I never managed to connect with him.
    FFIX: Quina, but I still like them. It's just the one I find the less instesting.
    FFX: Kimahri. I still like him though.
    FFX-2: Paine. I never connect with her personality.
    FFXII: Basch but he's great too :P
    FFXIII: Snow. He's a good guy but all the "hero" thing annoys me.
    FFXIII-2: Alyssa. I saw her betrayal coming so early ? I've always known she was an enemy :P
    FFXIII Lightning Returns: I don't really know ? Most of the characters are recurring ones so.
    FFXV: Loqi ? He's just a faithful soldier to the Empire and it makes him a bit annoying :P

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