This is a stupid pointless rant about a very minor thing but then that's my bread and butter so....

I'm replaying FFX and it was made into a big deal that the Aurochs and Wakka had never won a game. They beat the Psyches and... nothing. No joy at finally winning, no camaraderie, not even the bloody victory theme.

Alright, fine, there was the Yuna kidnapping subplot - but that worked out just fine, didn't it? Can't we celebrate both her return and the win. I dunno, it just felt like it was a big deal to Wakka when we first meet him - remember that he wasn't a great guardian to Zuke because he kept thinking about Blitzball - but it got forgotten about.

Congratulations Wakka and the Aurochs on winning. All that hard work and training you guys put in clearly had its rewards.