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Thread: Laguna, Kiros, and Ward

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    Moomba Laguna, Kiros, and Ward

    So what are your thoughts on FFVIII's veteran adventurers? Do you love the bumbling trio and wish they joined the party? Did you enjoy the breath of fresh air that brought to the story? Or do you think the group is overrated and wish they weren't even a part of the plot?


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    Laguna is actually my favorite character in the game. He's such a bumbling, affable guy. How can you dislike him? Sure, he's a little bit arrogant, but in such a goofy way that it doesn't even make him seem like a jerk. I'm fine with the role of Laguna, Kiros, and Ward being what it is though. There's no need for them to join the party and no good way to fit that into the game. Sure they could join near the end, but it doesn't seem like a good fit for aged Laguna, Ward, and Kiros who depended on "the faeries" in the past for improved battle ability, to be able to keep up with the SeeD members. They play the role that best suits them in the game.

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    laguna : Sweet, outgoing, childish, caring young man that's a refreshing yet sometimes a whiplash between his son Squall. Going from Squall's social anxiety to Laguna's wildness was rather needed sometimes. Laguna gave FFVIII a bit of a boost. Laguna was also fun to play as, and has one of the coolest limit breaks. Sometimes, no matter how cool Laguna was though, sometimes the story halting and stopping to hear about his past and his story was annoying though. Final Fantasy X did the "past group " a bit smoother, though at least we got to fully play as Laguna, so guess I can't complain.

    Kiros: After Barret feeling like a MR T stereotype, Kiros feeling like well, not a stereotype was cool to see. Kiros was just a friend of Laguna's, that dressed a bit oddly, and well, we all know that person that has some..... interesting tastes in fashion. Kiros is a good friend to Laguna, and he's always nice to see.

    Ward :I feel like Ward is one of the most underrated Final Fantasy characters ever. Ward is just so sweet, but he looks like he would rip out your heart Mortal Kombat style if you ever looked at him funny. Ward, like Kiros is a good friend, but a bit more chill and down to earth.

    "You okay?"

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    Ward also has one of the coolest weapons in FF history.

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    I remember being blown away the first time the group passed out and woke up as other people. I knew Laguna would be in the game based on reading the manual but I didn't know how.

    I really like that some of the flashback scenes can be changed depending on whether or not you pick up Timber Maniacs, at least one of which can take Ward out of the scene entirely.

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    VIII should have been about them and not the SeeD kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Wolf Leonhart View Post
    I remember being blown away the first time the group passed out and woke up as other people. I knew Laguna would be in the game based on reading the manual but I didn't know how.
    I remember being confused. Took me a bit to realize those thought boxes belonged to Squall and co. Before that I was just as confused as the characters were.

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    Yea, I think the transition was perfect. You've dealt with Squall being somewhat of a buzzkill and Zell being somewhat of a pest. So the sudden change to these new interesting people was really great. I wish they did a little more with the characters. I didn't care for Laguna's movie section, for example. I think they would have better served the three characters by fleshing them out a little more at this stage rather than doing a comedy dragon bit. Incidentally, when you meet them for the first time in person, I think there could have been a bit more done with it. They kinda rushed into the next plotline of the game and no one really seemed to care that they were meeting each other for the first time despite their involved past. Overall though, I think they were great and an essential addition to the game.

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