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Thread: So I've been rewatching South Park

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    Default So I've been rewatching South Park

    Obviously, there's an industrial-sized septic tank of ridiculous crap that goes on in this show and there are plenty of moments that make me scratch my head in bewilderment.

    I just watched the one that introduced PC Principal and I got wound up when Cartman failed to blackmail PC Principal due to using the word "capiche". PC Principal, an adult figure in a position of authority proceeds to pummel Cartman, a child he is legally responsible for protecting as stated in his job description, to the point this young boy must be hospitalized. The other boys, meanwhile, are watching all of this discreetly from the safety of an above-ground window.

    What riles me up about all of this is that the boys, whom we already know by this point in the series have cell phones, had they merely taken a moment to record this crime, PC Principal could have actually been sent to prison.

    Of course, this is ignoring that plot would find a way to keep this guy safe from consequences 'cause satire.

    Still, that's my view on that. Meh. Anybody else have similar ideas pent up and ready to boil over?

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    The only character that I liked from that show was Butters.

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    Well considering the kid he beat up was Cartman, and considering this is a show that runs on black humor, even if they tried, he probably would have gotten away with it.

    Honestly, the season you're on is probably my favorite season of the whole series.
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    I'm barely even a casual viewer of South Park now as it is, but the moment it focused on jokes concerning PC and SJWs was when it started to go bad for me. The whole thing has an air of "Okay, I get it!" to it for me; I get that it's irritating when things get too PC, I get that SJWs are annoying, I get that that's the point of the joke, it's just... there's too much focus on it. It would have been better as just one episode - they didn't have to make a whole arc about it.

    The thing that I really don't like about it is that basically (and I acknowledge that the whole thing may just be satire), the more attention we the people who go overboard with political correctness by moaning about how "we can't say anything anymore", the more they end up winning. The whole thing with people getting offended by things that isn't even offensive to the people they're "protecting" (or at least those people didn't find it offensive) isn't new, but back in the day, the people who complained about nothing were ignored - yet now we do whole episodes about them and how we can't say anything anymore (even though, for the most part, we can) - it's giving them more attention than they should have. I have longer rant about this stored, so I'll stop for now.

    I might have a problem with Member Berries as well, but I need to check I'm right about the point of what they are meant to be.

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