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Thread: Games/Ideas you'd like to see a modern take on

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    Default Games/Ideas you'd like to see a modern take on

    Earlier eras of gaming, especially the SNES era, were an absolute goldmine of creativity and ideas brought to life in video game form. A ton of old games are still widely regarded as classics, their success never quite replicated.

    Over the past decades, technology has steadily improved, bringing with it a lot of new possibilities for game designing. Certainly, the restrictions imposed on designers probably did a lot in their own way to encourage working around them to still create something brilliant, but with the decline in barriers towards making something the best it can possibly be, are there any games or ideas you'd like to see redone in full glory? Like an even more ambitious take on Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger? Or maybe have a more faithful follow-up to the Persona 2 Duology? A modern day Xenogears? Or is there even just a single concept you'd like to see revisited in a new way, like how I am Setsuna allegedly did for Chrono Trigger's dual techs?


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    Just a few thoughts for the moment:

    Persona 2's Rumor system - This was such a fascinating concept, and while it added some really special moments for the two games, most fans agree it never goes far enough. The ability to have your choices affect your game world in such a conscious manner doesn't happen very often in the medium and I feel the story applications of it could also go much further as well.

    Shadow of the Colossus' Dynamic Music progression - It kills me that more action based games don't use this more. Basically, in SotC, depending on where you are in the battle against one of the Colossi, the music shifts back and forth from calm to excited giving the player an audible cue of their success and helping to figure out some of the puzzle aspects of this fights. I feel this element could really bring a better level of immersion in action games, like watching the music of DMC get faster and more wild the higher a combo you create. Something like that.

    Vagrant Story - This game has such a unique design that I would love to see where the mechanics could be pushed if the game was released on better hardware.

    Gambit system - if A.I. party members are here to stay, I would love to get a more involved control of how they operate and the ability to switch it out on the fly.

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    Some of the ideas I liked and would love to see again (albeit altered):

    ActRaiser's mix of action and city-building sim - While it sounds like a weird combo, I really liked how ActRaiser would switch from action sidescroller to city sim, having to build up the civilization before you could do the next part of the game.
    Give it some more elaborate mechanics and I think I'd really like a modern take on it. For example a game like Nioh except instead of a static world map between missions, you have a SimCity-esque map where you have to build towards the mission locations before you can do them. Maybe add more stuff like bonuses during the mission depending on how well-kept the civilization around the location is.

    EVO: Search for Eden's evolution system - In which you slowly evolve from a tiny fish into a full-fledged human, cherry-picking things like bigger horns or jaws along the way and even having to pick specific upgrade combinations to evolve into certain species. Make the system a bit deeper with more options and/or optional areas you can only reach by evolving into certain species and I'd love it.

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