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Thread: Where is this from?

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    Default Where is this from?

    i don't recall Ultimecia appearing as herself in any FMVs of FF8, is this promotional art?

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    It's from the ending when Squall is hallucinating due to Time Compression. It plays for less than second and is easy to miss during the montage with the different Rinoa's that degrade. The fact that Rinoa's image gets over layed onit at point is just some of the fuel that fed the R=U theory.

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    In other wors grasping at straws to fit some crazy notion that everyone has to be someone else, which is characteristic of all the "evidence" for the R=U theory. Ultimecia is just Ultimecia no one elsem. Just because she isn't superdeveloped and comes into the plot late doesn't mean she has to be someone else from the game. Where did these crazy ideas start springing up? No one ever said Zemus must be Edward after he came back from hiding just because he shows up so late in the game.

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