Oh the memories. Since this forum has been around for twenty+ years now some of us have naturally gone through several different usernames. Not for any disingenuous reasons but just for the fact that some times (as for me for instance) have gone through very long stretches without posting and when you feel like posting again eventually you can't remember what email address or password you used for that particular profile so you just have to create a new one.

Well I came to this site the other day and began to think about my history in posting here and I was actually able to remember my very first username I had here (at least I think it was my first one) so I tracked it down on the memberlist and was able to find my old posts from way, way, way back in the day. I registered that username in '01 but my posts only go back to '03. I'm thinking there may have been a server change that caused my posts from the first couple years to get lost. Though fun it can also be a little embarrassing to read some of the stuff you wrote almost twenty years ago, lol.

Anyways have you guys been able to maintain a single username throughout your entire duration on this forum? If not can you remember some of your old usernames so you can go back and read some of the ancient stuff you talked about from back in the day?