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Thread: My take on the Voice changes

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    Boco My take on the Voice changes

    For me personally I miss George and accept the rest of the voice actors right now.I signed the OperationReunion Campaign on twitter because I'm a fan of FF7 and it doesn't mean that i disrespect the new voice actors, on the contrary I want options for all of us. Options to choose which cast we want from the menu, i prefer the AC cast of voice actors and hope it will
    be an option when we get the remake, mostly because of Sephiroths deep voice.

    You can do what you like, but If you prefer the new voice actors.. Don't Sign!.
    If there's one actor you don't like in the new casting of voice actors, do sign it.

    There are many fans around the world right now that come together
    and really want the AC cast back - They wanted to come back!.
    It's up to you what you want to do.


    (Doesn't have to be DLC)
    " I Will Never Be A Memory "

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    For the most part, I'm not terribly annoyed with the voice changes but it probably helps I wasn't exactly in love with the original cast either, though it will still be odd not hearing some of them.

    From what I've read, the choice to change the cast was simply SE trying to add more of a new spin on the game for a new generation of fans. This title is being made not just for classic fans but to bring in new ones as well and they felt they should do so with the VA work as well in some instances.

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    I haven't listened to the new voices and for me they're not even "voice changes," because I'm not well acquainted with previously used voices. Beyond Kingdom Hearts, and I didn't even particularly like those.

    That said, I find the idea of petitioning to get different voices that have been already cast absurd and reaking of entitlement. If new voices bother you so much it will ruin the game for you then, fine, don't buy it. Don't expect creators to remake their works to your vision just because you and a few bozos got together and wrote your names on something. I'd rather have a turn-based FF7 remake, but I'm not going to try to circulate a petition about it. Square has made their choice. It's already well into development. Expecting them to change it because you make some noise is both naive and entitled. And no, they're not going to record the whole game with a second cast just because you and whoever else signs your petition doesn't like their choice.

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    Barret aside, I quite like all the voices I've heard so far! Pretty happy.
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    Like others have said, I don't really have a horse in this race because the earlier voices never fit the characters that well for me. I got the best sense of their characters in the original FF7 with text only.

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    Where's the petition to stop meaningless petitions that stain the entire concept of petitions?

    'cause I'd sign the hell out of that one.

    For a petition all about bringing the Original English voice cast back, I'm surprised to see Andrea Bowen there. Pretty sure Mandy Moore was the first to give voice to Aerith. Advent Children was Mena Suvari. Why aren't those on the list? Where's my option for those two? So much for "they've been there since the very beginning." Also:

    These highly talented voice actors are what made Final Fantasy VII so special
    ...I know what they mean, but come on.

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    I'd sign a petition to have Eyes on FF members cast in the roles instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychotic View Post
    I'd sign a petition to have Eyes on FF members cast in the roles instead.
    lets do a dub it will be wicked

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