For me personally I miss George and accept the rest of the voice actors right now.I signed the OperationReunion Campaign on twitter because I'm a fan of FF7 and it doesn't mean that i disrespect the new voice actors, on the contrary I want options for all of us. Options to choose which cast we want from the menu, i prefer the AC cast of voice actors and hope it will
be an option when we get the remake, mostly because of Sephiroths deep voice.

You can do what you like, but If you prefer the new voice actors.. Don't Sign!.
If there's one actor you don't like in the new casting of voice actors, do sign it.

There are many fans around the world right now that come together
and really want the AC cast back - They wanted to come back!.
It's up to you what you want to do.


(Doesn't have to be DLC)