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Thread: South Park episodes that would look awesome in anime

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    Default South Park episodes that would look awesome in anime

    So there are already quite a few episodes whose storylines would look sweet in anime format (Good Times with Weapons, the Coon Saga, the Console Wars, Prelude to the Stick of Truth, Something Wall Mart This Way Comes, and even Amazon(.com) Chronicles.

    Part one: I'm wondering if there are other episodes I'm neglecting to include which would be perfect for anime.

    Part two: If these episodes were formatted into anime, what would most like to see (which style of anime, what mood and tone, how should the story unfold?)

    Part three: Your opinion of which characters best fit the format of an anime (including one-offs and deceased)

    Part four: Ho-owdy ho!

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    I don't know that many episodes but maybe Imaginantionland?

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