As dedicated fans will know, Voltron was one of many shows introduced to the US by splicing Japanese productions into one. This same format resulted in shows like Robotech, Power Rangers, and Transformers.

Positing the question "what would it look like" while ignoring a show's already massive popularity in the US, I've selected a few choice anime as well as other shows and movies to be morphed by way of the Voltron formula. Now I by no means believe these interpretations would be better. It's simply how I imagine things would have gone in the 80s.

Pokemon: The first massively successul anime in the US at least insofar as I remember finding myself drawn into the first few seasons. Pokemon/Pocket Monster might originally have been released as "Monster in My Pocket" had the more Universalesque variant not been released using the same name. For this one, it's difficult to imagine as I hardly remember anything about the series, but hopefully it would involve jumping from gym to gym with very little filler in-between and onlu sparse reference to Team Rocket whom, again "hopefully", are not obsessed with acquiring Pikachu for absolutely no reason. Shorter seasons would mean barrelling more quickly in later arcs like Johto and Sinnow (don't actually know anything about these, just looked up Pokemon arcs on Google) and can spend less time getting to know characters we'll never see again like the Psychic and Ghost pokemon.

Naruto: Everything about Naruto being a troublemaker with no parents could be reworked into noninvasive flashbacks same with Team 7's D and C-ranked missions, which serve no other purpose than to pad the first season's run time. Instead we can jump right into the action of defending the Great Naruto Bridge from Zabuza and Haku as a lead-in to the Chunin exams and the Sound Village Plot. Shippuden felt like a longer series anyways as even when Naruto becomes an adult in Boruto, he pretty much looks and acts the same. The Akatsuki and Ninja Wars arcs could probably be condensed into one or two seasons with the events of Boruto serving as what would likely be the 4th or 5th season of Naruto as a whole. Boruto so far has mainly been a bunch of boring and wholly meaningless filler episodes which haven't been entertaining or fulfilling to consume and would likely be better served if condensed down to a half-season.

BLEACH: This is another case in which Ichigocs origins as a high-schooler could be left to flashbacks and narration as we just want to jump into the action. Have Ichigo already entering the Soul Society in attempt to rescue Rukia and allow us to learn his personality and motives as he fights through the hordes of Shinigami standing in his way. Each time he is assisted by an ally, we'll partake of a quick cutaway to explain their powers and relationship to Ichigo and then return to the action. After Rukia's rescue, the show would dive immediately into the Espadas arc revealing Aizen as their leader and hopefully by the end removing his pesky immortality from play because you can't have a villain who won't die. Then we'd find out Ichigo's Bankai comes from the Quincy King Ywach and can finally begin down the path to ending this show once and for all.

Outlaw Star: Now here's an interesting one, considering the old 80's method of cramming a bunch of similarly designed and themed shows into one narrative, very likely, series being condensed to avoid repetitive filler, the show would have been combined with the likes of Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Wild Arms.

Well, that's my take on those shows, kinda too lazy to come up with more at the moment. Other anime to consider include SAO, AOT, DBZ, and OnePiece. Oh, and what if Trigun took place after Hellsing? I don't know. What do you think? How would they have done it? How would you have done it?