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Thread: Favorite Fourth Wall Breaking moment in Gaming

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    Cool Favorite Fourth Wall Breaking moment in Gaming

    Games love to sometimes break the fourth wall and reveal to the player they know they are in a game. So what are some of your favorite moments?

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    I'm not sure if this quite counts, but
    Ultros: This is heavier than I thought. It's going to take me 5 minutes to push this thing off.

    Least favorite not really quite fourth wall breaking thing is when characters keep saying "this is not a game." Yes, it literally is, so please don't pull me out by saying that so much and lampshading it.

    Metal Gear Solid has a lot of great ones. In MGS when Psycho Mantis reads your memory card and then comments on you using the other controller.In MGS2 when Snake points to his bandana and says "infinite ammo." In MGS3 when you get Boss' weapon ans then talk to the weapon guy. First he starts interrogating Snake about how he got Boss' weapon and Snake basically shrugs it off and then says don't worry about it. Then they start talking about how it has infinite ammo and when the guy asks how that's possible Snake says the feeding mechanism is shaped like an infinity sign. Weapons guys is just like yep that'll do it.

    Oh. MGS3 also has an easily missable fourth wall breaking moment. At one point Revolver Ocelot is unconscious in front of you. If you want at this point you can go ahead and kill him but it will give you a game over. Over the comms, one of your guys says. "No Snake, you'll create a time paradox. Snake? Snake!"
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    I'm pretty sure Umineko takes my top ten spots by itself. But I'll go with the classic.

    I liked the all staff gatherings from Higurashi where the cast essentially steps back and comments on the story as if they were just actors playing out their parts in the story, but Umineko really takes it to the next level by completely undercutting it and using it as a launchpad for telling a very different story.

    Edit: Honorable Mention

    This must've been so much fun when the episodes were first being released.
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