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Thread: DQ IX's creative team have a fun chat about wanting to do a remake.

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    Smile DQ IX's creative team have a fun chat about wanting to do a remake.

    Dragon Quest IX for Nintendo DS just celebrated its tenth anniversary this year and to celebrate, the creative heads for the game had a fun group discussion as a livestream. One of the most interesting topics that came up was the idea of giving the title a remake since the game is quite close to the hearts of a lot of the team. Granted, they mentioned this was all wishful thinking and nothing is going to happen, but maybe if fan feedback was strong enough...

    Anyway, what are your thoughts about DQIX? Would you like to see a remake?

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    Never finished it. It didn't grab me like DQVIII or DQXI or even DQVII. Probably because of lack of characters. Made it easy to put down and I never came back to it.

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    Hell, eventually.


    Meh, it's like my 10th favorite DQ game. I definitely would not buy a Switch to play it. But on the other hand I might play the Steam version they wouldn't release.

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