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Thread: Which standalone and quirky games should be continued or remade?

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    Default Which standalone and quirky games should be continued or remade?

    Not everything out there is part of franchise and there are even some out there that are just barely connected (lookin' at you, Koudelka). One of the more interesting games I played back on PS2 was Shadow of Memories and also Tsugunai Atonement. While the latter was more or less a straigh-forward RPG, Shadow of Memories was pretty much devoid of action elements, instead involving a lot of talking and decision-making regarding time travel and, well, generally messing with people. These games show their age now, being of lower quality due to a lower budget than their franchised cousins. One exception I'd love to see an update for is the RPG Ephemeral Fantasia which, after its initial month of availability, seemed to me to disappear from reality. [Spouler]I had initially rented it from Hollywood Video and looked up guide information online. Then all copies of the game disappeared from the rental and department stores near me and I suddenly couldn't find any info on it anywhere. For a span of time, I convinced myself I was the victim of a conspiracy as no one I talked to knew anything about this game.[/spoiler] Of course, now I own a copy, but it was four years before I finally found it available online.

    There have also been a number of PC and online games I've thought could due with a fresh coat of paint much as the very suggestion may disgust devoted fans (Undertale, anyone?)

    So, yeah, it's all there in the title.

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    Does Brave Fencer Musashi count? It was definitely quirly witj some of the most hilarious dialogue in any game I've played. I know they made another Musashi game, but was it really linked enough to be considered the same series. It wasn't called Brave Fencer Musashi 2 and, as far as I know (never played it), it wasn't really significantly related in story or gameplay aspects either. I don't think two games based on the same legendary character by the same company makes a series.

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