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Thread: The Best and Worst Trends in Gaming

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    Greenie The Best and Worst Trends in Gaming

    What it says on the tin. What do you consider to be the best and worst trends in gaming? Too much focus on VR? Loving the explosion of Battle Royale style multiplayer games? What are they? Try to list one you love and one you dislike.

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    Worst - DLC that belongs in the original game to make it complete or shoddy overpriced DLC.

    Example - As far as I understand, FFXV is commonly agreed to fall into the incompletw without DLC category.

    Best - Quality DLC for good games that legit doesn't have to be there for the game to be whole and may have been cut or not conceived of in pre-DLC days. Oh wait that's less of a trend and more something that happens occasionally.

    Example: The Frozen Wilds for Horizon Zero Dawn.
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    DLC should never be entire playable portions of the game. If there's more of the game to play, release it as an anthology sequel. Unless the DLC is totally free.

    Worst trends, Loot Boxes and other RNG. Best trends, good story-writing and puzzle-crafting. Oh, wait that's not a trend, it should be a staple of the industry.

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