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Thread: The Sega Genesis versus the Super Nintendo

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    Nah, it's because Nintendorks had taken over the United States and is controlling people with their mind control rays.

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    To my mind this isn't even close
    Genesis had nowhere near the quality of games. Sonic? Those were probably among the best and still pale in comparison to Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island. Phantasy Star? Could never really get into it an FF surely has it beat (as do many other SnES RPGs IMO.

    Genesis would maybe, probably, I guess come out favorably in comparison to NES, but at least that would be a closer match. I'll admit that the tinge of nostalgia may be pushing me more toward the NES, since I didn't have a Genesis growing up, but in the case of the SNES comparison the discrepancy is just too large to be explained by nostalgia alone. Genesis just flat out didn't have much of the kind of games I like or ever liked.

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