So it's been nearly a year since I last played and I've been all over the internet and streaming sites about theories and stories and gameolay mechanics and I haven't come across this. Mostly the general consensus is that there are only two outcomes of the game and nothing else that you do in the game has any consequence. You can't fight back against the Suits, the Dogs, the Silhouette. There are mostly no secret paths other than those needed to unlock the special ending. The only deaths that occur in-game are those of the initial breakout by the Huddle/Meatball (about 5 people drowned in the flood). And then of course, there's the Executive. The man cowering with his back to his office window. Has there been anyone who doubted that trampling over this meaningless monkey was inevitable, unavoidable, and par the course for moving past this section and finishing the game? Well, certainly none that I could find.

Until now. During a recent replay, I reached this very point in the game. I stalked slowly toward the Executive. I pressed Down to make myself round. I got a little closer. I pressed Up to make myself taller. I got a little closer. I was sure I had no choice but to body slam through the window and transform into pancake beneath the 800 pound mass that was this thing I'd become. However, the man suddenly squirreled away to the side of the room. I went back and replayed it again. All you need do is wait about 12 seconds before rushing the window. I don't recall reading about this anywhere (but then again, my memory isn't great, it's possible I had already read up on someone having accomplished this right here).

Anyway, that was my "neat" thing. Anyone else have a similar story?