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Thread: Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

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    Default Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

    I saw this in another thread, and I largely agree with the sentiment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Canoe
    Indy 4, along with the prequel/sequel Star Wars films, the 3rd and 4th OVA series of Tenchi, and the Compilation of VII are all reasons why I am strongly against trying to make a continuation of a story so many years after the fact. Some stories are simply products of their time and work best in that frame of mind.
    Which is why I'm so pleased with the new Dark Crystal material. I've been taking my time watching it instead of going on a binge, and I think it's a very well done, faithful continuation of the work started by the movie and continued in the comics. It's coming across as such a labor of love, and there's a ton of talent in both the puppetry and the voice actors.

    Is anyone else watching this? Am I the only one old enough to care about this one?

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    I want to watch it, but I can't right now. It's one of the first things I'll go back and see when I can.

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