There are a few, obviously (some which cannot be answered due to in-production and canon restrictions), one of which I have is did Batman's batarang impale the Joker in the head in the finale?

Not as important is this question: Who the hell is Ramos Silva?
The leader of the Undead gang who is seemingly unceremoniously murdered by the "heroic" James Gordon (on first viewing... I had to rewatch it to recontextualize what I had just witnessed) after having no more than 3-4 minutes as a character. Her name is never mentioned and Ramos Silva does not seem to be a reference to any other DC character (save that her gang references the "Neon Gang" from Batman Forever). Possible explanations are that she's an homage to Batman writers and artists named Ramos or Silva (by the way, whatever happened to Silver St. Cloud?) but I kind of doubt it.

What other questions did the Gotham finale leave unanswered (besides of course those that should be answered by Comic canon)?