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    *yawn* Mix Tape

    So a coworker of mine is getting ready to move to another state soon, and I'll likely never see them again. We shared drinks the other night and joked about how I should have gotten them a going away gift. They requested I make them a mix tape/cd because I made one for them for their birthday a few years back and they appreciated it because no one has ever done that for them. I am obliging because this is actually one of my favorite pastimes. My iTunes is filled with playlists I've made for my own amusement and I still have a drawer of 50+ actual cassette tapes I've recorded back in my high school days.

    So who else here has made a mix tape or music playlist for a friend or loved one? What's your style? Your Rules, and what was one of your favorites you made and what songs/compositions were on it?

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    Sure, I used to make a lot of mix tapes and CDs when that was the popular format.

    I don't have a dedicated media device that I use in the car or anything, and I mostly just pick a random genre and let the streaming service handle the rest, but I still like to make mix lists.

    I had the EOFF mix tape thread I started some years ago. Maybe we should do that again?

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