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Thread: What's a film that you dislike but everyone else seems to love?

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    Two major reasons, probably lots of smaller ones that I forget because I saw it once 20 years ago.

    1. The premise is idiotic. I can tolerate that to some extent, especially if the movie is not taking itself seriously. Matrix was taking itself seriously and definitely was not good enough to make me overlook the idiocy of the premise. How are you going to use humans as batteries when your primary source of energy (the sun) is cut off? Humans also rely on the sun for energy. Stupid! The machines don't even seem to treat this as a temporary solution with a (rapidly approaching, realistically) expiration date. So stupid.

    2. When just after explaining that most of the people in the matrix are innocent victims, they all decide it's time to go on a shooting spree and maximize casualties. WTF was that? It's like the writers decided to completely abandon any contemplative aspect of the plot in favor of mindless action.

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    OK well if your issue is that it has logical plot holes, then you will hate the other two even more.

    Just for the record, the "humans as a battery" thing was not the original premise, it was a rewrite, because studio execs felt that the original premise (machines using the humans as a neural network) was too complicated for their moron audiences.

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    I'm not sure why the idea of a small resistance group needing to take action that might harm some otherwise innocent people for the sake of saving everyone in the end is particularly stupid. Particularly when those people are being used as meat shields/a potential army for the machines to take control of and stealth isn't an option. There'd be no movie if they sat around doing nothing for fear of innocent people getting killed. Kind of a silly thing to do when your entire race has been enslaved.

    Also what spuuky said regarding human batteries. Everyone knew the human battery thing made no sense even back in 98 but there's no stupider group of humans than movie execs and I just always went with the neural network thing as my head canon anyway basically. Seems weird to me to let one plot point that's a bit silly but ultimately not even that important to the story ruin the whole movie for you. I mean hell, most SciFi stories of all kinds are about as far from actual plausibility as you can get scientifically but I don't hate star trek because almost every alien is humanoid.

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    That doesn't really make it better. I judge the final product. The fact that they had a better script and ruined it, if anything makes it worse.

    The acceptable sacrifice argument doesn't explain their behavior in that ridiculous scene where they run in guns blazing like their primary objective is to maximize casualties.

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    There's some solid theories that you can place in your headcanon if it makes anything better. Main one being that breaking out of the matrix puts you into another matrix, just an outer layer. So saying the sun was taken away and humans are being used as batteries is just the lore of that lowest level of matrix code, but probably has little, if anything, to do with the overarching system. Very likely the sun actually exists if you ever get actually outside the code, and the battery thing may have just been something to convince anyone that actually got out of the lower layer or something, but doesn't mean anything on the whole since it's just a farce

    Also they simulate humans in their own training things, so there's a good chance different levels of the matrix are filled with npcs that aren't real humans, so they may just be slaughtering bundles of code that look like humans and aren't actually humans getting killed. But you're really not required to like it. I enjoy what it tried to do and what it could have been and I'm open to headcanon, and it was pretty ahead of its time when it came out, but time and scrutiny and ... sequels, have definitely changed the lens looking back at it

    As for the topic title, I don't think I've ever seen a Tarantino movie I've actually liked. In fact, most of the ones I've watched have made me feel offended that I spent time on them instead of something else. And it's hard because I seem to draw friendships with people who define their entertainment tastes on Tarantino films and cult classics in the same vein. Is it weird that I like Boondock Saints and not Reservoir Dogs? I like Interview With the Vampire, hate From Dusk to Dawn, and feel meh on Lost Boys

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    Watchmen, went and watched it in theaters with my friends. They all loved it, but I was eh about it. I loved that weird ass out of place sex scene though.

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