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Thread: The Fate of Final Fantasy XVI

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    Both FFXIV and FFXV started in one direction and made some dramatic developmental turns before they ended up where they are now. So call me optimistic but I like to hope that they were the exception rather than the rule. I still hold out hope that FFXVI has been in development all along, SE has realized its error of early announcing games, and we'll get a preview of it in the next year with a 1-2 year release window. While I'm at it I might as well add that it will be a more nostalgic fantasy world based game like FFIX. I know, I'm living in a (final) fantasy world...

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    Honestly I'd quite like for FFXVI to be set in the universe of FFXIV, possibly before one of the earlier calamities, or on the First before it was flooded with light, or the Thirteenth before it was consumed by darkness. There's so much potential there for single-player experiences to flesh out the prior history of the universe of XIV from before XIV started, without it being confined to books.

    Plus it'd be a good stepping stone to lure more people into XIV proper.

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