Does anyone know how much percent FFIX's trophies (PS4) are each worth?

For example, getting all trophies on the game would obviously give you 100%. But how much percentage of that accounts for a bronze trophy, a silver trophy, and a gold trophy?

I think silver trophies are worth about 4% each? And bronze seems to be just over 1%, but I don't know how much exactly because my first 3 bronzes equated to 4%, plus I don't know if it rounds up or not either. And I'm not sure how much a gold is worth.

I can't find any answers to this because all video games have a different amount of bronze/silver/gold trophies. Is there an exact answer that anyone knows?

FYI I have 77% of FFIX's trophies, 42 of which are bronze, 3 silver, and 1 gold. If that helps anyone who thinks they can work it out? I can't work it out myself because I do not know how much % a gold is worth.