Given a recent development I feel the need to add to this little quote here:

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I do have to touch on this game's availability a bit. You'll find this game on the PS4, the Switch, the Vita and the PC. Notably however, the Vita version was the first release of the game and is lacking a number of features and content that the console/PC releases later got, including this game's very own "Labyrinth of Amala" during the Dana segments and even a true ending with an additional final boss battle. As for the PC port, unfortunately it's been plagued by performance and crash issues since its first launch and while things seem to have gotten much better since, there remain some reports of crash problems to this day. So I must recommend, if you can get this game on the PS4 or Switch, get it there.
Well NISA just dropped a giant patch on the PC version of Ys VIII.

This patch not only includes massive performance and graphics improvements while addressing the issues present and apparently testing continuously until the crashes were eradicated, it even introduces a brand-new feature: local co-op. While still in the experimental beta stage, this sounds nothing short of amazing and if it works out on PC I really hope it gets patched into the console versions later.

Either way I'm really happy they haven't abandoned the PC version in the state it was. Always nice to see devs that actually care clean up after themselves when their games are released in an unfortunate state. Sooo if that sounds like something you want to support, the game is 50% off right now~ :P