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Thread: Modern Warfare (PS4)

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    Eureka! Modern Warfare (PS4)

    This game kicks ass, anyone else on it?

    They remade it for the PS4.

    I love and hate it, my name is (NEWS)Andeluuu, and I am sometimes a great player, mostly I land around the upper middle of the ranking.

    Unless I am trying to unlock some stuff for guns I don't use, or I am trying to increase my proficiency as a certain type of player (i.e. Sniper).In which case I am last, or second last.

    So there are times where I just suck as well, for no reason other than just being a really sloppy player; I rank last. Or if I am not sloppy, everyone is really good (especially with the cross-platform play, PC PLAYERS YOU'RE SO GOOD).

    I have a tremor in my right hand that kind of resembles Parkinson's, but not as prominent. I suppose as I age it will get closer to Parkinson's. Sniping takes me forever at times, as you can imagine I have difficulty hitting the target. I do get lucky and people happen to move in the direction my hand shakes, seriously.

    I've lucked out headshots, I KNOW IT'S FREAKING AMAZING.
    It also has other benefits, surprisingly, and I recommend it to everyone.
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