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    I have a question about party setup: I always see people recommending to have a fighter type, a white mage type, and a black mage type. Should I stick to 100% like this so my fighter can't have ANY magic, my White Mage can't have ANY black magic, etc. ??? Or should my black mage have MOSTLY black magic and SOME white magic and my fighter be MOSTLY fighter and have SOME white and black magic???? plz help. I am at the dreadnought and not sure I should stick with my characters-exclusive-to-one-class-type setup????


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    I generally have one person use two swords, one person use a bow, one person go double-fists, and then the guest character use whats best. I teach all the characters all the useful basic spells and don't worry too much about the big ones. That's just me though, other people like magic.

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    I usually make Firion a Paladin who focuses on swords and white magic, Maria is a Black mage with bows, and Gus uses either fists or axes. I tend to prefer giving the party classes, but that's to make the game more interesting and to avoid extra grinding by making everyone be able to do everything.

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