I'm in the comic book business now.

Gaia #1

Description: Tired of a male dominated industry? Check out Gaia #1 a story about a 16 year old girl in Kansas City, Kansas who developes amazing earth based abilities and causes an earthquake that shakes her conscience and makes her decide to fight crime. While an archaeologist team discovers the lost head of Medusa. Gaia #1 is the first of a new comic book series with strong female characters at the forefront. It's Supergirl meets Percy Jackson.

Many of you over the years have stated that you would like to see more female characters made in fiction, well that's exactly what I'm doing and planning to do with my own comic book company through Amazon publishing, Ovega Comics. Whether it be Gaia, Blue Fire Devil, Lady Hellspawn, or Jenesis, all these works will have various female characters in hero, villain, and supporting roles. Gaia is my flagship title and will be starting a universe I have dubbed 'The Ovega Verse' so if you want to support me in this venture all you have to do is buy the comic. Right now it's only available on Kindle, but future titles will be long enough to have paperback versions sold. Also, if you're using an iPhone or iPad you'll have to go through the Safari web browser to purchase.

You can also use this thread to discuss the issue that is currently being sold at #2.99USD. Prices vary in different countries.