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Thread: Somehow managed to abolish all rules on Esther region

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    Default Somehow managed to abolish all rules on Esther region

    I donít know what happened. I only abolished one of Estherís annoying rules and never figured out how to abolish the rest so just left it alone until disc 4. When I thought Iíd go back to playing cards I played Odine in Esther and Laguna on Ragnarok and ALL of the Esther rules were.. gone? except for Element. Thatís amazing but I donít know what I did.

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    Enjoy ur freedom friend

    beat him with ease and grcce. beat themn all

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    The mechanics for manipulating the rules and trade of cards is just nuts. I love this game.

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    I was so impressed by the efforts people took to reverse engineer the RNG in this game and do crazy things. So good.

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