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Thread: Eyes on Final Fantasy 2020 Census Results

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    Dancing Chocobo Eyes on Final Fantasy 2020 Census Results

    Time to get this show started.

    We'll start off with the least interesting questions, and I'll update this thread periodically throughout the day.

    We had about 14 entries in total, which considering the state of the forum, is not a bad turn out in my opinion. The majority of the people who answered the survey were in their 30s.

    In terms of First Final Fantasy:

    Third place (tie with 2 votes)
    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy VI
    Final Fantasy VIII

    Second Place (3 votes)
    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

    First Place (5 votes)
    Final Fantasy VII


    Last "New" Final Fantasy Game

    Third Place (tie with 1 vote)
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Final Fantasy Type-0
    Final Fantasy Dissidia NT

    Second Place (tie with 2 votes)
    Final fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    First Place (7 Votes)
    Final Fantasy XV


    Are you excited for the Remake?
    Yes: 9 votes
    No: 3 votes
    ???: 2 Votes

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