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Thread: Least Favorite part of each FF?

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    :monster: Least Favorite part of each FF?

    Been a while since we did the reverse one of these. Every FF has a part you probably dread doing, so which part is it?

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    FF1: If i ever have to do those bonus dungeons in FF1 again I will cry. WHY ARE THE ENEMIES ALL THE SAME AND LIKE LEVEL 1 BUT ALSO HAS SHINRYU AND OMEGA?!
    FF2: Mages tower
    FF3: Mini dungeons. I hate mini dungeons.
    FF4: Any part where Edward is required.
    FF5: If you have played the game you already know
    FF6: Fanatics tower
    FF7: Kalm and Lifestream. They are far too long on repeat playthroughs.
    FF8: Killing 20 tonberries
    FF9: Dahli and also Cleyra
    FF10: Chocobo dodging( honestly number 1 hated thing in all of ff so far. )
    FF10-2: Just if i ever have to fight the Shady duo or Mega Tonberry! they are too strong!!
    FF12: great crystal.... WITH NO INTERNET OR GUIDE!
    FF13: chapter 1 2 and 3 are so boring, or maybe just 1 and 2, basically anythin before vile peaks.
    FF13-2: that weird part where theres a point that you can get a bad ending by staying witth lightning. i dont get it.
    LR: Not too sure here, i only played it once.
    FF14: Basically all of it since most of the story parts are nothing or boring and i dislike most dungeons and a couple of trials. and yes... i have 2 alts that are level 70 atleast and my main which is level 80 so i have unfortunately done it all more than once lol. ( And yes i still love the game, i just get overly critical of it but thats for another time)
    FF15: I haven't beat it because i could not suffer it once let alone twice!
    FFT: Dorter slums fight.

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    FFI - Elfland, a giant fetch quest that drags you through some of the nastiest dungeons in the game and before you get any of the really good stuff that makes the game a breeze later on.

    FFII - Probably the Ultima quest. The end part is great, it's doing all the busy work to unlock the tower that is a complete chore.

    FFIII - Goldar's Mansion in the original, place is a nightmare with enemies whose normal attacks have a high confusion rate.

    FFIV - Probably the Tower of Babil sequences. The dungeons is not as interesting as others within the game and it doesn't have as many good story sequences.

    FFV - The early game before you go to the Library of Ancients. Not the strongest dungeons, not the most riveting job class selection, and you're still too early within the game to have interesting items to look out for.

    FFVI - Mt. Koltz, it's a boring dungeon that simply serves as a story sequence to recruit a character I feel is a bit overrated to begin with. My second choice would be the Sealed Door Cave as it's a significant challenge jump, is one of the few areas in the first half of the game that's a one time deal but filled with great loot, and the enemies are annoying.

    FFVII - The Big Materia Quest, it's not only silly in its logic, but not exactly fun either as you have to deal with Fort Condor again. The Train and return to Junon sections are not as fun as they first seem like they would be.

    FFVIII - Esthar, I've never cared for the location, and I feel its the point the plot completely decides its going to go off rails. Honestly the whole third disc is kind of a let down.

    FFIX - Again, the third disc is where a lot of things in an FF falls apart for me. Exploring the lost continent and Ipsen's castle isn't that great, and while there are some great moments on Terra, the game goes a bit bonkers by this point.

    FFX- Mi'hen Highroad, Mushroom Rock, and Operation Mi'Hen has to be my least favorite section of FFX. The locations are boring and mostly a straight road, the foreshadowing has the subtlety of a brick to the face, and I feel the game tries too hard to cram as many NPCs into this section to create some artificial sense of attachment just to crank up the drama which is already lost due to that lack of subtlety. Getting a chance to use Seymour is interesting, if I didn't hate him as a concept, and I try everything I can to rush through this sequence. The fact it's followed up by the lackluster Ixion temple and trying to get to Guado, where the plot finally picks up doesn't help either.

    FFXI - Reading several Wiki's just so you can figure out what you need to do and how to do it.

    FFXII - The Sandsea is certainly a drag.

    FFXIII - Too many to tell, but I'm either going to say the first two chapters before the party become l'Cie and combat is completely brain dead and a chore, or Chapter 10 which feels pointless and more like padding than anything.

    FFXIV - Listening to my friends and peers constantly trying to get me to play this game despite my rather vocal assertation on my dislike of MMO style games.

    FFXV - Again, the early chapters are probably the hardest to get through and the easiest to fall into sidequest hell for the rest of the game.

    FFTactics -The Marach/Rapha story in Chapter 3, not helped by having some of the game's most difficult and obnoxious missions involved with it like the various protect the suicidal Rapha A.I. missions or the infamous Weigraf fight.

    Tactics Advance - The post-game nonsense, especially trying to get all 300 side missions completed to unlock the actual post game story stuff.

    Tactics A2 - Anything having to deal with Adelle.

    The After Years - Final Dungeon, enough said.

    Crisis Core - Nibelheim flashback with Genesis. That or all the awful side missions.

    X-2 - Trying to get through the game with the awful dialogue. 1000 Words sequence cause it was incredibly corny.

    Dissidia - The Secret Reports ruining the plot of FF1.

    Duodecim - Confessions of a Creator section where the game purposely nerfs you and then throws the second half of all the content behind a beef gate by making you fight an overleveled Feral Chaos with a Lv. 60 cap character. Not fun and it killed most of the momentum I had for the game.
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    IV - Prolly the final dungeon, encounters take too damn long.
    V - Gonna agree with Wolf Kanno on the beginning of the game up until the Library.
    VI - Vector and the Magitek Lab. Drags on too much.
    VII - Costa Del Sol up until Cosmo Canyon. I don't particularly enjoy the Corel train trek or the Desert Prison.
    VIII - D-District Prison, duh.
    IX - I think Mt Gulug was when things started to drag a bit much.
    X - Mount Gagazet. It just goes on for too long and it's sandwiched between some of my favorite parts of the game.
    X-2 - Chapter 4 CommSpheres *shudder*
    XII - Tchita Uplands and Sochen Cave Palace. By the time they roll around I'm just kinda done with the trek to Archades and want to be there already.
    XIII - Heh.

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    FF - Too long ago to remember and I only played through it once.

    FFII - Hitting myself

    FFIV - Dark Elf Cave. Don't get me wrong there's some good story at this point and Toroia's great and all, but there are so many hassles with it. The figuring out what equipment you can and can't have equipped (most is obvious but some isn't). Unequipping and then equipping metal gear ("Metal Gear?" No, not that Metal Gear. Calm doen, Snake). Having to trek to the chocobo forest to get the black chocobo. Then there's the party makeup. Don't like it. 3 fighters (and Cid kind of sucks tbh) and one caster with low MP pulling both white magic and black magic duties. Not fantastic.

    FFV - I don't know. The second world? Not a huge fan of this game.

    FFVI - Zozo. Towns are for talking not fighting! Also too dark and hard to see routes at time. That or some places in World of Ruin.

    FFVII - Somewhere around the Costa Del Sol area tends to get in the Doldrums for me until it picks up again at Cosmo Canyon.

    FFVIII - Honestly one of the most consistent games throughout but maybe the desert prison or start of disc 3.

    FFIX - Latter part of disc 2, except Black Mage Village being a bright spot and probably most of the middle portion of disc 3.

    FFX - Probably around right after fighting Seymour the first time. My memory on the order of this game is a little too off.

    FFXII - Starting it. Or maybe right after any of various points in the game where I thought the plot was going to pick up after realizing it just wasn't so... right after Mt. Bur-Omisace, for example, or right after the prison.

    FFXIII - Didn't really play enough to have a least favorite part except generally all of it.

    FFXV - Didn't really play enough to determine a least favorite part. It was all generally "okay" but not good enough to stick with it to the end.

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    The last portion of any "-bit" games cuz I lose interest and never complete them.
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