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Thread: Favorite part of each FF?

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    Nom nom nom Favorite part of each FF?

    What's you favorite section to play in each entry?

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    FF1: The start-Marsh cave. Once you enter marsh cave the problems with the game become apparant and never get better (or in the 4 gba bonus dungeons case, get worse!)
    FF2: Probably Pandemonium just cos I like the music, otherwise i like most of the rest of the game equally.
    FF3: Kinda weird but i simultaneously like and hate the end of FF3 The most (well the mini dungeons are slightly worse but eh) I Suppose i will make it simple and choose Eureka.
    FF4 As soon as you get to the moon, all the way to the end.
    FF5: not sure, after the earth crystal i love every part of the game. Exdeaths castle is cool so i'll choose that.
    FF6: Once you obtain the Falcon on the dark world.
    FF7: All the parts that take place from the snow up until the weapons awake.
    FF8: disc 3 Salt flats- end of disc 3.
    FF9: just all of disc 3, sorry it's impossible to pick at that point cos that entire disc is nonstop awesome.
    FF10: I have no idea why but my favourite part of 10 is probably when you see the sphere Yuna made cos she was gonna die. I don't usually get too sad at games but that game on my recent playthrough was pretty sad so yeah i choose that part.
    FF10-2: Bevelle underground on chapter 2
    FF12: does it count if i say going to places you arent supposed to? if not i will say the parimina rift parts (i forgot its name the ice place where you can fight Fafnir hunt)
    FF13: Archlyte steppe
    FF13-2: Tri-bahamut final boss
    LR FF13: Just doing sidequests, basically what i like about majoras mask but for ff.
    FF14: Final steps of Faith (story). The Epic of Alexander (Fight)
    FF15: seeing Ramuh obliterate all existence.
    FFT: the whole part where you fight Weigraf (belias) and Sephirott oh i mean Marquis elmsomething on the roof and the fat tguy gets tossed away.

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    FFI: Probably going to the Sky City to fight Tiamat. It was the first real WTF? moment in the series as it went really sci-fi there. Made you really reconsider a lot about the setting.

    FFII: Taking down the Dreadnought and followed by Firion being seduced by Lamia. It's a neat Star Wars reference that gets very Final Fantasy-ish towards the end. I also feel Princess Hilda is a very underrated character in FFII.

    FFIII: When you first leave your homeland and discover the world below with Aria. Probably the most haunting moment in a rather upbeat game.

    FFIV: Easily the Mysidian Trial for Cecil to become a Paladin. It is always one of my favorite moments in the game. Up there as one of my favorite in the series to be honest.

    FFV: Visiting Galuf's world, its easily the high point of FFV where the story really picks up. Specific include the Battle on the Big Bridge, The Forest of Moore, meeting Ghido, and ExDeath's Castle.

    FFVI: This one is way too tough for me, but I think this time around, I'll say the sequence where your party splits up and you get to play the three scenarios. You get to return to Narshe and meet some Moogles, get some serious gut punching drama and humor with Sabin's scenario, and finally get the underrated South Figaro sequence with Locke.

    FFVII: Midgar overall, but the Shin-Ra building is always the highlight for me. Its one of the best dungeon/townish areas in the game and I love the variety of objectives within. The Remake is really going to have to work its butt off to live up to this part for me

    FFVIII: Probably the SeeD exam in Dollet, since I really love all the mechanics of the test and the beautiful way it merges gameplay and cinematics.

    FFIX: Either the entire opening sequence up to the party getting to Lindblum, or the Battle for Alexandria which has my favorite FMV in the series.

    FFX: Either the early game up until you leave Besaid, or when you finally get to Zanarkand.

    FFXI: Finding a good guide on the internet so you can finally figure out how to play the game.

    FFXII: Probably the journey to Archades including the sequence where you explore Fran's past. Really underrated sequence.

    FFXIII: Probably Chapter 11 when you finally reach Cocoon, and you can play the game properly.

    FFXIV: When I finally convince people to talk about something else.

    FFXV: Altissia is probably my favorite part both for a lot of cool story sequence, and for being one of the cooler locations within the game. My second choice is the following chapter with the Malboro even though Gladio does make this sequence a bit of a pill for the player.

    Final Fantasy Tactics: Probably the whole first chapter actually. Watching Ramza and Delita's worldview get shattered never gets old.

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Probably the sections where Marche has to knock some sense into his friends heads towards the end. Some fun battles and some great story moments.

    FF Tactics A2: The side missions involving the Four Kings are both narratively interesting and fun battles despite the Four Kings being cheating bastards using impossible builds.

    FFX-2: Probably the first Chapter when you're first revisiting all the locations from FFX to see how they changed for better or for worse.

    FFIV: The After Years: Ceodore's chapter with the Hooded Man is pretty awesome. Has some fun parallels to the Saiyan Arc from DBZ when you consider Ceodore's relationship with the Hooded Man. Second choice goes to Ursala's Chapter cause she's a fun character and I always seem to forget how much I love Yang.

    Crisis Core: Barring a certain jackasses intrusion ruining the whole moment, I actually do enjoy getting to the Nibelheim section when I try to push his presence out of the picture.

    FFXII: Revenant Wings: the Mission where Basch is a total badass against an army of undead and you unlock another Esper for your trouble.

    Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light: When your party time travels into the past to set all of the problems in the world right. Special points to clearing up the whole fiasco with Aire and the witch that started the whole plot off in the first place.

    Final Fantasy Type-0: Easily Chapter 4, when the team has to escape from the Militesi Capital. Brought back good memories of Dollet sequence from FFVIII.

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    FFI: It's been too long since I've played it to answer properly tbh, but probably the Sky City
    FFIV: Eblan and recruiting Edge
    FFIV After Years: Kain's chapter, when he finally reveals himself and fights his dark self
    FFV: Galuf's world
    FFVI: The Opera sequence and the World of Ruins
    FFVII: The Lifestream sequence when Cloud finally finds himself
    FFVII CC: When Aerith comfort Zack after Angeal's death
    FFVIII: Going in space
    FFIX: You're not Alone sequence
    FFX: Macalania
    FFX-2: The first time we see how much the world has changed
    FFXII: Eruyt village
    FFXIII: Gapra Whitewoods
    FFXIII-2: When Serah finds Noel in his Dying World and he confronts her about her fate
    FFXIII LR: The final day
    FFXV: Altissia

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