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Thread: What do you want to see in Episode 2?

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    Honestly, I thought it was fun. It rewards exploration while also delaying gratification. A lot of first-time players would miss it, while those who didnít will be like ďhuh, interesting. I wonder what new interesting character could I use this for!Ē And then when you finally get to Vincent, youíre rewarded for not only snooping around and finding a thing but also for sticking to something that was at that point useless. Accident or no, I think itís brilliant.

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    Meh. Lol. I actually may have felt similarly on my first playthrough. Maybe it's just the way Remake is constructed kind of makes me prejudiced against such old-school game design. Again, I don't mind Cloud finding the thing, I just kind of hope he voices a logical reason to take it with him. It would be cool if they reworked it so that it could function like a grenade and you could just use it as a one-off in battle. But otherwise, I hate the thought of the party "pretending" this item is going to be useful down the line. Better still, maybe an NPC can say something (tell a story) which leads to Cloud finding it and trying to give it over to which the NPC simply says "keep it". Absolutely anything at this point is a better reason than Cloud simply pocketing a random gun... or a boomerang (if it happens that we find one before meeting Yuffie which we still don't know how that'll play out).

    Of course, for all we know, SQEX will toss this one easter egg aside in the name of a linear story and force the party to continue onto Bill's farm without being able to check out Kalm. Hell, maybe at the end of the Nibelheim flashback, we'll already be at the Ranch. And just like Part 1, your party members will whine that you're going the wrong way if you try to head over to Kalm. So maybe, all in all, we won't even return to Kalm until after recruiting Vincent and SQEX will find some way to force us to return to Midgar, I mean Kalm, just so we can look around for V's gun. Who knows?
    Jack: How do you know?

    Will: It's more of a feeling really.

    Jack: Well, that's not scientific. Feeling isn't knowing. Feeling is believing. If you believe it, you can't know because there's no knowing what you believe. Then again, no one should believe what they know either. Once you know anything that anything becomes unbelievable if only by virtue of the fact you now... know it. You know?

    Will: No.

    If Demolition Man were remade today

    Huxley: What's wrong? You broke contact.
    Spartan: Contact? I didn't even touch you.
    Huxley: Don't you want to make love?
    Spartan: Is that what you call this? Why don't we just do it the old-fashioned way?
    Huxley: NO!
    Spartan: Whoa! Okay, calm down.
    Huxley: Don't tell me to calm down!
    Spartan: What's gotten into you? 'Cause it sure as hell wasn't me.
    Huxley: Physical relations in the way of intercourse are no longer acceptable John Spartan.
    Spartan: What? Why the hell not?
    Huxley: It's the law, John. And for your information, the very idea that you suggested it makes me feel personally violated.
    Spartan: Wait a minute... violated? Huxley what the hell are you accusing me of here?
    Huxley: You need to leave, John.
    Spartan: But Huxley.
    Huxley: Get out!
    Moments later Spartan is arrested for "violating" Huxley.

    By the way, that's called satire. Get over it.

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