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Thread: Living la vida Corona

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    Default Living la vida Corona

    Crazy times. Baby #4 came in early Feb. We pulled the kids out of school 3-4 weeks before they were shut down. I get excited when I find bleach or toilet paper, hunter-gatherer endorphins surge.

    So many things that we took for granted, the bs that was prioritized, the rat race many ran 5-7 days a week, 6-8 hr daily commute... People are still selfish, though. Oblivious to the facts, jeopardizing the well being of others, while ignorantly risking their own.

    I don’t remember seeing this many stars in The Valley, at least, not since I was a child. More butterflies, bees, hummingbirds. Despite being trapped in the house, my kids are loving this. We’ve been in the pool (heated) nearly every day for a month, more times than I have in the last few years combined. I haven’t had a tan in forever, usually just spend a long day, or two, turning lobster red.

    Working out again, I take my weights outside, sets in between jumping in. We ordered my wife’s favorite treadmill (gym), sanity secured.

    “Edibles”, sake, and wine. I have to sleep somehow. Discovered last year that melatonin (my last “healthy” sleep aid option) was causing PVC’s (premature ventricular contractions), stopped taking it, they stopped after time. Those edibles though.

    The uncertainty, it’s like we’re in a bad “life on Earth is ending” movie. “Life” is ending, the Life that we knew before, that’s gone. I don’t think we’ll ever get back to where we were. Maybe that’s a good thing.

    How is everybody faring?

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    bleach and tp aside your life sounds pretty nice right now!

    my job was 50/50 work from home/on site visits before this, although it was usually more 80/20. So in terms of being home all the time it's not too different.

    sometimes i wish i had my own place, but really im lucky in that the place i rent isn't too bad. i think if i had my own place i would have a better garden and could paint the walls and make things a bit nicer, as I am definitely getting a bit bored of the walls.

    but im safe, so i cant complain.

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    i'm faring well because little has changed in my life (yeah, its sad)
    im, thank god, still able to work.
    i work alone most of my days or with my boss so its not like i'm taking a huge risk getting infected when i go to work.
    What i do really miss is playing badminton every week and it does bother me that my motorcycle club has canceled all tours this year because of the corona.
    I am also bothered about the timing of the lockdown because i had just found a group to play Dungeons and Dragons which for obvious reasons is now postponed indefinitely.

    i got a ps2 with some nostalgic games, Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released and just for fun i bought 2 modern warfares (i only play campaings).

    i'll manage as long as i have my 'playstation-husband' to play Smite with.

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    besides hearing "DADDY!" 10,000 times a day all good here.

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