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Thread: Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package

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    Moogle Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package

    So I got this a little while ago and I played my way to Kingdom Hearts III. Well I skipped a few of the games I didn't care about and looked up what I missed with the story on YouTube.

    I played just a dab of KHIII last year, but felt like I was missing out a bunch of the story so I waited and then I heard Sony was having a deal. All the KH games for only $30! That trout's crazy. My brother bought KHIII when it came out so if I told him I got all of the games for $30 I know he'd be mad.

    So I replayed KH II with the Final Mix version and this trout was tight. I liked most of the extra stuff added. The puzzle pieces were whatever, but the extra fights against the organization members were fun and I loved the new dungeon. I never beat the rematches with XIII at the end of it though. I was in the 70s with the best weapons and Armor in the game and I still got one shotted by Axel. I guess the game expected me to be at Level 99 at that point. I was not about to grind to do that. I'm not sure if it's even worth it to beat them all. I might not get anything. The Roxas fight was so hard, but it felt good once I took him down. Definitive edition of KH II.

    So after this I played Birth by Sleep. I really did not like this at all when I started. I chose Ventus first and I hated everything about him: the way he holds his keyblade, his dodge animation, and his floaty jump. I was put off by the change in the battle system too and that didn't help. I started on Proud mode thinking it was like KH II where it was basically the same as Normal and then I could not beat the first boss. So I started the game over and played on Normal. It was still a slog though because I was hardly dealing damage to enemies. It should not take that long to beat what is the equivalent to shadow heartless in this game and I hated that Vanitas battle. I had to replay that part so many times because of that last part being finnicky with the reaction command.

    Terra's playthrough was better for me and I was getting used to the new battle system. I was starting to meld commands more often. This playthrough was so so. Once I got to Aqua's part I started to like the game. I really got into the battle system and meld commands like crazy and paid attention to finisher commands. Aqua is so much fun to play with. I think her dodge animation is weird, but not as much as Ventus's. I love her magic. They even added knew level magics to the game. I think I found three different level 4 fire magic and two Ice ones. I ended up with deep freeze and Crawling Fire with her. I see why Aqua's the most cosplayed BBS character. She's fun as hell and has the best personality of the three.

    As far as the story goes I thought I would get some incite on things and I did barely. The story is still confusing and bad man, like trout and it only gets worse from here. I would only replay this game as Aqua. Oh and It's weird, but it took me out when the Queen from Snow White had the same voice as Maleficent and even one of the same lines. I was legit confused for a minute there. Like, did Maleficent transform into her? The evil stepsister also had the same voice. Also i just have to address the dumbness of the X-blade. We can see the difference between the two words because of the subtitles, but how do the characters know? it's confusing and dumb. Should've just called it something else.

    I thought about playing DDD, but heard it was bad and then I saw how dirty they did my favorite Disney World so I didn't bother. I was just eager to get into KH III so I played BBS 2. This was really short like just under 3 hours long. It's a very pretty game. Apparently this happens during KHI, but yeah still confused here. Might replay this too since I missed some treasure and cosmetics. Speaking of the cosmetics, it's weird it didn't carry over into KHIII.

    So Kingdom hearts III. I just beat this. Good trout, but man going back and playing these past entries and watching a timeline video didn't do trout for me understanding this story. It's still a hot damn mess, but starting with KH II I've been playing the games for the gameplay and not the story. KH II had a lot of cheese and confusing parts, but III is the worst of them all. Let me get back to the gameplay though. So the battle system is back to KH II's with some extra trout. The flowmotion, transforming keyblade, and attraction modes. It's a little too much. I don't like the Disney ride trout and ignored it most of the time. I wish there was a way for me to turn them off entirely though.

    III does give you a hell of a lot to do. I love the camera, the bistro, the dessert heartless, all of it. I'm disappointed there are no Final Fantasy characters in here. The closest we get are Moogles and the Dissidia NT toys in the Toy Story world. Speaking of Toy Story I love the music in this world. So much nostalgia. As for the worlds. They're big as hell this time around and I'm glad they listened to us a little bit because we finally have platforming return because I was missing that in KHII. The worlds may be a little too big though sometimes. My favorite two worlds have to be San Fransokyo and The Carribbean. those two worlds were just bneautiful. I did get irritated with Big Hero 6 though after I returned to the world to do a photo mission and got lost. It is really easy to get lost in here without a map. It's the only world in the game where the map is not on the beaten path. This was the first time I actually ever needed the map. I had to look up a video online to figure out how o find the save point to get out of the world and I needed the map to do that.

    With The Caribbean I loved it because the graphics were so good. Hell, I played Uncharted 4 right before this and I felt like I was right back in that game. Another thing I didn't like about this game though was how they were avoiding using the Disney villains as bosses. The only one I think you fought throughout the whole game was Davy Jones.

    It was cool to play with Riku for a tiny bit again, but I was expecting Aqua to come back as a playable character because of the game right before this. The story man I have to say again, but the trout was so bad, confusing and some trout just didn't make sense. Playing through these did not even matter. I missed with KH I where there was just a splish splash of the stupid and it was mainly just about a boy with a giant key going through disney worlds and saving the universe. Overall good game though. Will eventually go back and try to collect everything I've missed.

    Should I get the DLC?

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    The DLC is solid. You play as some of the other characters. You meet some of the FF characters. There's lots of fun optional fights and 2 VERY interesting secret endings.

    That being said personally, I'd wait for it to be on sale. A large part of the actual story of the DLC is just retreading through the beats of KHIII and just makes it even more messy to setup the inevitable sequels.

    It's definitely more meaty than your average DLC these days, but I don't feel it's worth the $30 price tag.

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