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Thread: Zidane / Dagger Date (Possible Spoilers)

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    Default Zidane / Dagger Date (Possible Spoilers)

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    I feel the best place would probably be Treno, though Lindblum would make more sense story-wise since I don't really remember Garnet and Zidane ever being there at the same time after the date comment was mentioned, but it could be turned into a series of ATE's.

    They really missed a chance to have a fun reference where the two of them could run into a flower girl who tries to charge Zidane an gross amount for some flowers (like a 1000 gil), and instead you have the option to either pay up to impress Garnet or you could steal some from the girl and make Garnet angry. Then you could try to buy something for her at the auction or do a fun date tour that ends up having Garnet do the monster arena in the weapon shop. There is enough quirky minigames going on Treno that it would feel the most ideal for a date.

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