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Thread: EoFF RPG Thunderdome!

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    You broke the tie on weakness at least.

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    Isn't this the quarterfinals?

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    You are correct, I think I just want to end this sooner.

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    Definitely surprised by how well Mass Effect 2 is doing in this competition. I don't recall it ever really coming up and certainly not advancing too far in previous tournaments and now it's in the top 4 and hasn't been eliminated yet ( unlike at least one member of the still undecided top 4).

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    That's how I feel about FFXII every time. :P. A lot of times I haven't even been voting against Mass Effect because it hasn't been up against something I feel strongly about. That could still be true next round if FFXIV wins this round and goes up against Mass Effect 2 next.

    Actually, looking back I'm not sure I voted in a single Mass Effect 2 match this entire competition. It's managed to escape my wrath by consistently being paired with games I either also didn't play or just don't care for too much.

    I'm now interested in seeing what category will be chosen for the FFVI and CT match. I'd choose FFVI for 5 of the categories and CT for only 2, so it all comes down to category choice, but FFVI is favored for me.
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