Horrific global plague notwithstanding, there's a good chance that the intent of all the Fanfests that got cancelled was in part to start announcing information for 6.0. With that in mind, what kind of crossover content are people hoping to see for the Alliance Raids and Normal/Savage Raids? Realistic predictions or pie-in-the-sky never gonna happen fever dreams, tell me what you'd love to see!

Personally, I don't expect this at all but I would LOVE a Normal/Savage Raid Tier that is all Lavos from Chrono Trigger. Since Lavos mimicks all of the bosses you fight prior you could just grab about 9 awesome Chrono Trigger bosses, capping it with the three stages of the final Lavos fight for the final raid tier (probably do Queen Zeal followed by the Lavos stages so 8 other bosses). It would rule. Jaws would drop. Pants would be soiled. If this actually happens I might even buy one of those extremely overpriced mogstation mounts to express my joy and excitement.

For Alliance Raids, Dragon Quest all the way. I actually played Dragon Quest (or as it was then-known Dragon Warrior) a bit earlier in life than I did Final Fantasy (my cousin had an NES and picked up Dragon Quest II when it came out in the US whereas my first exposure to Final Fantasy was Final Fantasy IV for the SNES back when it was released as Final Fantasy II). The Nier Automata raids have shown that you can have a lot of goofier, funnier concepts going on even if the overall plot is serious, and Dragon Quest has always excelled at that. With so many iconic monsters to serve as bosses and encounters and any number of interesting locales to scope out, you could really celebrate one of Japan's seminal RPGs in a big way with this crossover. Also Yggdrasil would likely be the final Raid Dungeon which would rock.