So I am currently almost to the endgame area of FFIII (about to enter the crystal tower/Eureka for the first time). I am on a PSP-2000, and this has created a bit of difficulty for me because not many people have written good, thorough walkthroughs for the PSP port. Of course, it's basically the DS port, so I've just been referencing a really great DS walkthrough when I need it (Seferaga's Perfect Game FFIII DS guide). However my question is this: In DS, Mognet was a requirement for most side quests. What I cannot find anywhere is: How does Mognet work in the PSP version? In this version, you actually cannot send letters (to Sara, Alus, etc, needed in DS to complete sidequests). You can only READ letters. So does anybody know how to complete the sidequests in the PSP version? Maybe I can just do them no prob, after, for example, opening Eureka or something. When I am truly at endgame I will try, but does anybody actually know this?

Thanks for any knowledge!