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    Hey everyone! I love the Final Fantasy games, and have been playing the games since Final Fantasy 1 on NES. I have seen a lot of videos rating the games, the characters, main villains, weapons, jobs, you name it. One video I've never seen was rating the secondary villains. So, I made one. These are the villains that could've been the final villain if circumstances had been different. I'd love other FF fans to check it out and leave me some comments and subscribe.

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    Yeah, FF has a great set of sub villains that could have easily been the main villains if they wanted. Garland (IX) might be my favorite though.

    Also, Doctor Cid only started to get weird after he made contact with Venat. Even then, he's not really crazy as much as he's chatting away with a 4th dimensional being that is giving him cliff notes on future science.

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