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Thread: SE is going to release some model Kits for Xenogears

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    Relm SE is going to release some model Kits for Xenogears

    Well I know what I want for Christmas!

    SE is releasing model kits from Xenogears, featuring Weltall, Vierge, Brigandier, and Heimdal. They are 1/144th in size and comes as a set of four for a little over $80 USD, so that's $20 per Gear. Personally, I'm excited for this as I love the mecha designs from Xenogears and while I initially choked on that price tag, learning it is for all four made this deal much sweeter for me. Sadly, like all the good Xeno merch, it looks like it's only available on SE's Japanese online store. The only other element that bothers me is that they need to be painted and I have never been as good with that part when it comes to model kits.


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