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Thread: The Mandalorian

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    Default The Mandalorian

    Mandalorian rekindled my love for Star Wars that was brutally crushed by the most recent trilogy (and I even liked the prequels!). It accurately captures that gritty feel and sense of grand adventure the original movies had. There are also several call backs to the first two trilogies and even the book series and animated shows. It is so fun to watch!

    Anyone watch season 2? It summoned the fanboy within me with returns of some iconic characters.

    And of course baby yoda rocks. I heard they may give him his own movie trilogy. I also heard they are using Mando as a spirngboard to a MCU for Star Wars, with several side stories featuring other main characters in shows and other media culminating in a big battle with (SPOILER)Thrawn in the end. Yay!

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    AHH! I love it! It's so good. It's rekindled my husband's love of it too so now he looks up all this Star Wars info and stuff and every day after he gets home from work I hear more Star Wars stuff lol. His ringtone is even the Mando theme now lol.

    I actually loved Baby Yoda having an insatiable hunger in season two. It amused me.

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