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Thread: Favorite Action Game

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    My favorite game is Solitaire. Even though it doesn't have cool gameplay or plot, it plays an essential role for me. When I got bored with all the popular games, I started looking for other games. From the extensive list, I liked Solitaire, which in particular is an ancient game but in no way lost its relevance even in 2021. I think you know what I'm talking about because, in this situation, it is important to find a game that really interests you.
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    Iím completely rubbish at action games because all the button input nonsense goes completely over my bisexual, ADHD brain. But I guess I enjoy some. I love Zelda, but thatís mostly because of the adventure aspect rather than the action one. Kingdom Hearts is always great, but the entries that skew heavier to RPG are the ones I get much more enjoyment from. I guess the only pure action game I ever really liked was Bayonetta, but then the camp factor had a lot to do with that lol

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