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    You know you are a true Final Fantasy nerd when you start actively searching for podcasts that either talk about or have playthroughs of Final Fantasy games. I became aware of a podcast called "No One Can Know About This" while listening to the "The Greatest Generation" podcast (which is a Star Trek podcast). The hosts so far have played through and finished I, IV, VI and VII. They started II and then gave up, which I found disappointing. But overall, I find the podcast to be funny and entertaining.

    Just curious to know if anyone else has listened to this podcast, or have any other Final Fantasy podcasts that they would recommend.

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    I strangely don't watch videos or listen to podcasts about FF very often. I did do open with a friend a number of years ago though most of it has been taken down with the site that hosted it. Not that it was any good either.

    I don't know, I prefer reading over listening to someone talk about a subject since I can absorb the information faster and at my own pace.

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