Wasnít sure if I wanted to make three separate threads for FF, FFII & FFIII respectively, as Iím simultaneously plowing through all three, or just one encompassing topic, and here we are. Iím thinking theyíre my favorite releases yet. In FF, Iím at the Earth Cave for pre vampire round one, having just finished grinding for equips and spells. In II, Iím exploiting its systems around the first town still, but my stats are looking nice. In III, Iím exploiting the block five times mechanic on goblins to master the first set of jobs with minimal experience gain so that I get all the necessary levels in Master for max hp. This is pretty much exactly what I want out of a Final Fantasy. Anyone else giving these latest remakes a try? Iím using the Steam releases because Iíd like them to work right in a month or two.