Hey all, I know this is slightly off topic but I wanted to share some info about an FF fan game I currently have in the works. The project, titled Final Fantasy: A New Beginning, is being developed as a GBA homebrew title and draws heavily from the classic FF titles (I-VI) with all new characters, story, and locations. A programmer joined the team and development officially began about 3 months ago though there still remain a few openings on the team, hence my reasoning for making this post. The open positions are as follows:

1) Graphic Artist

The graphic artist is responsible for creating battle sprites, overworld sprites, and character portraits using both concept art and existing references. Work will ideally be done using YY-CHR or the artist's graphics editor of choice.

2) Map Designer

The map designer is in charge of creating the town and dungeon maps based on the descriptions of the locations as well as existing references. Maps will be created in Tiled, a free and easy to use map editor, as this is the format the dev has programmed support for. Experience with map design from the classic Final Fantasy titles (I-VI) is heavily preferred.

3) Music Transcriber

The music transcriber is in charge of creating sheet music and a corresponding MIDI file for each composition assigned. The specifics of the MIDI file have yet to be determined and audio will likely not be implemented until the latter stages of development. Many tracks have already been documented and had MIDIs created, so not all tracks will require this process.

Please don't hesitate to reach out! Feel free to contact me anytime on discord at Spindaboy#1831