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Thread: So We Not Going to Talk About Sora Getting Into Smash?

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    Default So We Not Going to Talk About Sora Getting Into Smash?

    It happened trout. I've been long off of following the video game community for a while so I forgot how much people used to ask for Sora to be in Smash Bros. so when the reveal happened I was shocked. I was excited as hell too. He's a character I never thought would make it in because of Disney.

    I forgot, but some years ago I didn't want him in. I like Kingdom Hearts a lot, but I don't really care for Sora, but I forgot all about that when the reveal happened because like I said I have stopped interacting with the bigger gaming community for years so I forgot how sick I was of people asking for him, plus I've been going to cons in the past where the DJs play Simple and Clean and it gets hype as trout. He looks damn good in the game though and there's some great fanservice with his costumes. I would've never expected a Timeless River skin. The only thing I could ask for is Simple and Clean as a stage song. That would blow me the smurf up!

    Damn, I really need to get a Switch.
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