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Thread: SSL License

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    Default SSL License

    I don't recall it being used in the past, or perhaps the certificate has expired?

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    I'll bring this back up since I believe it to be an important issue, and much more than just a technical thing.

    This forum does have user accounts, and therefore user data (including what GDPR would class as "Personally Identifiable Information") is being transmitted over a non-secure connection.

    This is not great from any perspective, and should be super easy to rectify.

    I can't see any argument to not use SSL outside of cost, but even that is often absorbed by your basic generic hosting package (or by just using something like Cloudflare).

    Would be interested to know if there are plans to resolve this, since it ties into the bigger picture of this site's long term existence!

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    Let's Encrypt doing this for free for a while now

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    Do we have anyone in the administration that even understands this? Lol

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