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Thread: This is dedicated to all Oldies

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    Still mad the thread wasn't updated to have one of my posts in it.

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    Colbert Ya can't keep a good Slade down...

    This is actually my first post since 2009. Thought I was dead and buried? Shame on you. Can't keep a good Slade down (I said the thing!).

    I've lurked a couple of times over the past so many years but never did anything more than that (the explosion of social media over the last 14/15 years really put a damper on forum-life). Well, I'm possibly back now. New shiny avatar and everything. Some of you might remember me from back then or earlier. I think I joined in 2004 and was super active up until my demise in 2009.

    I won't bore y'all with what I do these days (somewhere between hit-man and bicycle repairman) but I'm pretty much spending most of my free time writing and illustrating a graphic novel with some other art ventures on the side. I work other jobs for bill paying and whatnot (obviously), but art is still my main thing in life.

    As for the reason for coming back, I had a weird thought today about the forum. Sort of out of nowhere. Call it "a nostalgic calling" and decided to log back in to see what it was like. In all honesty, it's great to see so many people I remember interacting with back in the day still on here. Here it comes...... it like COMING HOME! Ugh....

    So anyway, hi again everyone. Maybe I'll stick around. Maybe I'll disappear for another fourteen years.... (I'll try not to. I promise) but either way, it's good (and simultaneously weird considering how long it's been) to be back!

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    It's probably been 20 years since I joined and I'll always have a soft spot for EoFF. It's nice to pop back on occasion and see some familiar names

    I'm doing very well and still picking up each installment of final fantasy as well as replaying any that have trophies to get the platinum! FF9 skipping still haunts me.

    I've got a lovely boyfriend and two lovely cats Good job, nice house and a car that only falls apart occasionally.

    I hope the good folk of EoFF (new and old) are doing well.

    Smile and Be happy

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