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Thread: Freeloader Rinoa

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    Default Freeloader Rinoa

    So after FFVIII ends, everyone will continue their life as a SeeD making a honest living killing others for money.

    But what about Rinoa? She is jobless! Do you think she should get a job like start selling hotdogs to Zell or live off Squall like a parasite?

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    We don't besmirch Rinoa around these parts

    She could do a lot of things. Dog grooming service. Contribute to Pet Pals magazine. Continue helping Timber prosper with the help of the Forest Owls.

    The forests of Timber sure have changed, but the Owls are still around

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    I feel like the purpose of SeeD is more or less finished at the end of the game. I think the future of SeeD is uncertain. I expect it would turn into a non-militaristic but still militaristic organisation like the Boy Scouts, or else become a more "regular" educational organisation or school. Maybe both!

    Maybe, Squall's explanation of SeeD as an organisation that spreads flower seeds all over the world may come true!

    I think Rinoa would spend some time fixing stuff with her father, and then lead the seed-spreading operation.
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    Honestly, there is too much political chaos going on in the aftermath of VIII for me to believe SeeD isn't going to be needed. Galbadia has no ruler and is still very militarized, Esthar is joining back on the world stage, and places like Timber and Balamb would still be recouping from the conflict. I feel SeeD would be the organization that the weakened world powers would rely on while Galbadia de-militarized and Esthar made their intentions clear as to what they would do. Course that will go okay until they learn Squall and Laguna are elated at which point I can see the world powers souring on SeeD.

    As for Rinoa, I see her keeping a very low profile. Her being a sorceress and her connections to the Galbadia military could make her a prime candidate to be used as a political pawn or scapegoat. So I imagine she would probably be hiding out in Balamb Garden with Squall and friends, or chilling in Esthar to learn more about her Sorceress abiltiies with Dr. Odine and Edea.

    It's actually interesting how much content VIII leaves open for a sequel compared to other FFs.

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