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Thread: FFVIII-2: Welcome to Adulthood

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    Default FFVIII-2: Welcome to Adulthood

    So how do you think adult life will be treating the FFVIII crew after the game ends? This is how VIII-2 will go:

    Caraway would be the new leader of Galbadia and relationship will intensify with the Laguna led Esthar. Inflation is at a new high and the world became very angry.

    Squall would be left divided between his father and future father in law. Plus a new human rights group that emerged to call for a stop of child soldier grooming by the Gardens, he is struggling with both personal and corporate leadership duties. He have gone bald like a 40 years old and pee blood due to the immerse stress.

    Rinoa would have left Squall back to her rich general dad as he is unable to substain her lavish lifestyle of Deling city high tea, facial, dog grooming, hair treatments..etc.

    Quistis is facing a mid life crisis as she contemplating to quit her instructor job to be an influencer as her current career is going nowhere.

    Selphie found out that she is bisexual and is three timing Xu, Irvine and a T-rex from the training centre.

    Zell needs to choose between hotodgs and marrying the pigtail library girl as he could only afford one.

    Irvine became depressed due to Selphie's infidelity and turned to drugs and alcohol.

    Seifer and his crew became successful fishermen and created the Shinra Fishing Company. They are the one that fund the human rights group mentioned earlier.

    You will play as PuPu the alien laughing at their plights and make things worse for everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas View Post
    You will play as PuPu the alien laughing at their plights and make things worse for everyone.
    This sounds like Christmas Fantasy VIII.

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